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We offer an extensive range of products for the "Working at Height" and "Industrial Rope Access Industry". Scott's Access Services offer high quality Marlow Ropes and...
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Scott’s Access Services Ltd are specialists in Rope Access Services and Training. With a team consisting of primarily ex-military personnel, we hold weekly IRATA Rope Access courses for all leve...
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IRATA Rope Access Training





IRATA Rope Access Training Courses
Scott’s Access Services provide high quality IRATA rope access training courses at our fully equipped training centre. Our courses are fully accredited by IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. The courses consist of theory and practical training sessions instructed by our highly dedicated and experienced IRATA Level 3T Trainers. We hold weekly 6-day courses (5 days training + 1 days assessment) meaning all of our candidates benefit from a FREE extra days training. The courses are designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to enter or progress in the Industrial Rope Access industry.   
"From my initial enquiry and throughout the course all my questions were answered. SAS has first class trainers who demonstrate well and help you out and are always on hand to offer support"
-Craig Hollows, Durham, ENGLAND 
 IRATA Rope Access Training Course - Level 1
This beginner’s course provides essential knowledge and skills necessary to enter the Rope Access Industry. No previous experience or qualifications is required for this entry level qualification. The requirements of the course include being a minimum of 18 years old, ensuring you are physically and medically fit, along with the capacity and desire for Working at Height environments.
Technicians who successfully complete the IRATA Rope Access Level 1 course will have the capability to perform a range of activities under the supervision of a IRATA Rope Access Level 3 Safety Supervisor. The Level 1 course syllabus covers Industry Theoretical Knowledge, Equipment and Rigging exercises, Rope Access Manoeuvres, Climbing Manoeuvres and Rescue & Hauling exercises.  
"Thank you to all at Scott’s Access Services, I found the course to be very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was made to feel very welcome in a very friendly atmosphere, the staff were extremely helpful with all travel information and accommodation. Andy was an excellent trainer with great knowledge and patience"
-Chris Nigwu, Port Harcourt, NIGERIA
IRATA Rope Access 
Training Course - Level 2
This is the intermediate course for experienced candidates. Those who desire a Rope Access Level 2 qualification must have at least 12 months and 1,000 working hours as a IRATA certified Level 1 technician. Similarly to Level 1 the candidate must be medically and physically fit. Candidates will learn more in-depth techniques, knowledge and scenarios as well as intermediate Rigging and Rescue techniques.
"I was very impressed with all aspects of the service"
-Andrew Frosdick, Durham, England 
IRATA Rope Access 
Training Course - Safety Supervisor Level 3
This advanced training course provides the training and knowledge required for Safety Supervisors on Rope Access working sites. The requirements include a minimum of 12 months and 1,000 hours of work experience as a Level 2 technician and a appropriate first aid certificate. Technicians must also be accustomed with relevant work techniques and legislation.  
Technicians who successfully complete this course will have the capability to supervise Rope Access projects on site, as well as wide-ranging knowledge of advanced rescue techniques.
"Brilliant instructor and very professional staff, always helpful when asked any questions" 
-Michael Wood, Stockton, ENGLAND 

All the above IRATA rope access courses are 6 day courses (Mon – Sat) which consists of 5 days of Training and 1 day of Assessment from an Independent IRATA Assessor.


Revalidating your Qualification: IRATA Levels 1,2 and 3 

Technicians can now revalidate their qualification six months prior to the expiry date of their current certificate. In this scenario, a new certificate will be issued with an expiry date three years from the date of expiry on the previous certificate.


Prices for our IRATA Rope Access Training Courses

IRATA Rope Access Level 1 Course £695.00 Inc. VAT
IRATA Rope Access Level 2 Course £695.00 Inc. VAT
IRATA Rope Access Level 3 Course £695.00 Inc. VAT
IRATA Revalidation Courses £695.00 Inc. VAT
1 Day Refresher and Logbook hour days £100.00 Inc VAT
All prices include all IRATA Assessments/Registrations/Certifications 


What is Rope Access?
Rope access is a form of work positioning, originating from climbing techniques. Rope Access applies practical techniques to allow workers to access difficult-to-access locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or work platforms.
Rope Access techniques hold a record of being the safest in the Working at Height industry, adhering to a number of safety features, including;
  • Each task requires a minimum of two technicians
  • Technicians undertake training at IRATA Training Centres and are independent assessed by IRATA   
  • Rescue procedures and safety training is involved in all training courses   
  • Equipment used in Rope Access is independently and strictly maintained and inspected to ensure the highest quality and safety.
What are the benefits provided by Industrial Rope Access?
 Minimal set-up timeand disruption:
Rope access is quick and flexible – traditional access methods lengthy installation periods - which can be costly to the client.
Industrial rope access benefits:
Industrial rope access provides a method of work that is flexible, safe, and extremely efficient therefore making overall savings for the client.
Safe and secure:
Systems of access taken down quickly and effectively, avoiding safety risks, along with the technicians being aware of full safety training and procedures.
The Industrial Rope Access Industry
Rope Access is used in demanding working environments where access is limited. IRATA Rope Access Technicians have a variety of successful career options in many sectors such as:
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Power and Petrochemical Industry
  • Civil Engineering
  • The Built Environment
  • The Natural Environment
  • Shipping and harbours 
Rope Access Training North East England
Competitive Rates
Extra day training (5 days training 1 day assessment)
Highly experienced and dedicated trainers